Chapter History

The journey of this chapter initiative is not the first in Cameroon, as there have been some initiatives in the past. Though not successful, they however set the foundation for the PMI-Cameroon Chapter.

  • September 6th, 2008 : 1st PMI Exam written organized by Paul KAMGANG
  • September 4th 2009: The journey started with the initiative of Stanislas BIANOU, who contacted the PMI to create a chapter in Cameroon.
  • June 4th 2009: Ideation phase approval by PMI.
  • August 6th 2010: Chapter formation steering team approval by PMI. The team is then composed of17th 2012: Volunteer Stanislas BIANOU, Franck Gérard KOM, Nathalie TCHATCHOUANG, Ghislain FANCHEY, Sanda OUMAROU.
  • June 23rd 2012: Finalization of the MYBP review phase with the approval of PMI Cameroon Potential Chapter business plan.
  • April 13th 2012: Submission to local authorities for incorporation of the association PMI Cameroon Chapter.
  • November 24th 2012:
    • Communications Event at GICAM Hall in Douala, with PMI Region 8 Mentor Ayodeji Ismaël; 1st major event of PMI in Cameroon, regrouping 70+ professionals.
    • 1st board in place: Stanislas Bianou, Franck G. KOM, Steve Hisan MAKANG, Nathalie TCHATCHOUANG.
  • December 17th 2012: Volunteer groups created.
  • January 23rd 2013: Logo approval by PMI.
  • Leadership Institute meeting Region 8 Istanbul 2013: Cameroon represented by the President Stanislas BIANOU.
  • May 2013: Board extended using online submissions to 6 members: Raïssa NOUETSA and Alexis KAMDJOUjoined using VRMS tool.
  • October 12th 2013: Chapter monthly meeting at Hôtel Vallée des Princes Bessengue Douala
  • February 1st 2014: Chapter monthly meeting at Hôtel Vallée des Princes Bessengue Douala

The history is ongoing in the activities section of this chapter, learn more.

All the professionals mentioned below are those who contributed to the first initiatives of PMI in Cameroon ilimoww, who the PMI Chapter would like to thank for their countless support:

  • Paul Kamgang: C2BA forum founder, ACPM CEO, 1st PMP of Cameroon (2006)
  • Dieudonné Kamgang: C2BA forum co-founder, ACPM VP
  • Francis Wega
  • Albert Legrand Matha: submitting first PMI Cameroon potential chapter in 2004
  • James NTUI: PM Journal contributor, 1st article published
  • Arnaud Tchatchouang : 1st PMI member living in Cameroon (2002)
  • Steve Hisan, 1st PMI-RMP residing in Cameroon