What is the VRMS ?

The Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) is a PMI application where all the volunteer roles for all the Chapters around the world are posted. It can be used by Volunteers to create a volunteer profile, search and apply for volunteer opportunities and record their time spent volunteering. VRMS can also be used by Directors and Chapters around the world to look at the experience that volunteers have in order to promote volunteer development and movement into different roles with different responsibilities.

VRMS and PMI Cameroon Chapter

So, as the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) makes it easy to search for volunteer opportunities throughout the world. This tool is also use by PMI Cameroon Chapter, so that any one can look for volunteering opportunities with PMI Cameroon Chapter, look at this.

To get started, log in or register and visit the VRMS to find volunteer opportunities that interest you.


VRMS Guide 

VRMS Coordinator Guide