The goal of this project is mainly research, which should include the collection, analyze, and reporting of information about Project management state of art in Cameroon. Based on the outcomes of this research, PMI Cameroon chapter will identify and honor professionals, organizations, scholars, authors and continuing professional education provider for the project management profession’s most prestigious and globally recognized achievements.

The research should be carried on companies, organizations, schools, education providers, selected across different industry in public or private sector (eg: Agriculture, civil engineering, telecommunication…).  Several tool and techniques are to be used to gather data and information from the organization which will be part of our sampling list. Among those tools and techniques, we will use Brainstorming, Interviews, Questionnaires, Survey, Checklist, and Market research.

All the gathered information will be analyzed and a report will be produced describing and explaining what is the project management state of art in Cameroon. This report will also highlight which are the organizations, individual, or education providers, which are applying and promoting project management best practices in Cameroon hughes air co. Best Project management performers will be nominated and after assessment, the Best of the Best in Project Management will be rewarded by PMI Cameroon chapter.

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