Project Management Day

Improving Project Management Maturity in Cameroon Public & Private Organizations.

Implementing project management best practices is believed to impact the success of projects and organizations. In a recent report presented by PMI®, Worldwide benchmarking have shown stunning results and through its market surveys (2017 Job growth and talent report and 2017 PMI’s pulse of the profession), quantifying the financial loss due to the poor performances on projects and insufficiency of project management professionals in the assessed market.

Knowing and understanding market needs are the first steps to agile responses towards successful Project Management Practices and to achieve that in Cameroon,  we have as objective to train & promote project professionals with our partners, provide them with continuous learning facilities to keep them up to date with leadership, technical project management and business – strategy skills required to improve our industries, private and public organizations & to obtain better socio economic results.

PMI Cameroon Chapter recognizes this challenge and has designed a set of products to assist students, professionals & organizations, to climb the same ladders of success.

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